Article by Federico Bausone
CEO at Multimedia Care

In years past, the start to the holiday season signified festivities across the board – unique restaurant specials and holidayincentives for dine-in, dazzling string lights draped across cities, family vacations to run from the cold weather (or, perhaps, run to it), and best of all, those special moments with loved ones that truly capture the essence of the season.

This year is the exception.

The holiday season is right around the corner, but the celebrations look quite different – with masks, social distancing, and virtual means at the forefront. That, combined with a probable second round of lockdowns looming over many states like a dark cloud, has left many businesses facing a new-age dilemma head-on:

1. Stay open, putting team members and customers at potential risk, or
2. Close, hurting business continuity and ultimately leaving many without an income.

There is no clear-cut answer. On the one hand, you want your products and services to speak volumes, contributing to the season’s celebrations and allowing your community to feel a sense of normalcy in these strange times. On the other hand, you know that your team members’ health, safety, and security arethe top priority.

How can you ensure both?

1. Invest in your community. Contactless solutions such as the new Health Checkpoint from MULTIMEDIA Care can integrate mask verification, temperature reading, and hand sanitizer dispensing to verify consumer safety. This need will truly never go away. You can appoint a designated temperature-taker” from your staff, you could require proof of negative COVID-19 tests (as one NYC restaurant is now doing), or you could invest in a long-term, contactless solution that will be viable even after a vaccine is widespread.
2. Go digital. Keep your business as hands-free as possible. Opt into QR codes and digital signage to avoid unneeded contact, ensuring an added layer of protection for your team members and consumers who know that any necessary information can be easily accessible on their own device.
3. Adhere to the regulations already set in place. Masks, social distancing, limited occupancy – it’s all set in place for a reason. Make sure your team members are equipped with the proper protection, your space is rearranged accordingly to account for six feet of space, and your reservation availability has been modified to fit the occupancy regulations as per the CDC. And communicate it on social media. Your customers want to see your progress. They want to understand your methods so that they can feel safe, secure, and confident to return for a holiday treat of their own.

Finally, modify your expectations, but stay consistent in your efforts. If your restaurant is typically booked solid from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, or your hotel generally ranges from 90 to 100 percent occupancy throughout December, understand that this is not realistic (or safe) in the current landscape. However, you can still set the framework for success from here-on-out. By investing in your communities through long-term contactless health solutions, taking efforts digital, and adhering to current regulations, you’ll be primed for success. Get ready, and stay consistent – the holiday season has arrived.

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